Trolley Loader


Trolley Loader is being widely used in food (Poultry meat, snack, vegetable), poultry feed, grain and oil, medical, chemical industry, plastic, building material, mine and related industry. Especially in poultry industry, the application of food grade trolley loader, can complete material uploading and discharge process. Match with grinder, blender, injector, tumbler or uploading transferring system, it can complete the line automation of food processing line.


  Applied with high Strength guiding post and safety anti-drop device to make sure no drop risk

  Nord Brake reduction motor and Schneider travel limit switch;

  Food grade hygiene design, easy to clean and operate

  Defined safety area by Safety Guard

  With options of fixed style and movable selection

  Also can be customized for different trolley and platform loader.


Technical Parameters

Speed:          1-5m/min or 1-10m/min for options

Capacity:        200L-300L

Motor Effect:     0.75kW

Discharge Height: 1-4meters as customer demand

Lifting height

900 – 1500 mm   Adjustable

1650 – 2250 mm  Adjustable

2400 – 3000 mm  Adjustable

3150 – 3750 mm  Adjustable

3900 – 4500 mm   Adjustable

Normally 85mm gap to be adjustable, can also be customized.