Horizontal conveyor

Brand: “FoodBelt” & “FUDAI”

The Chinese brand of “FUDAI” original from its English Brand of “Food Belt”, inheriting Chinese “FU” Culture, meaning to bring gospel and fortune to customers while providing solution.


Food belt is one hygiene horizontal transferring conveyor with Stainless steel transferring pan, is widely used in poultry meat, vegetable, candy, snack food, pet food and other fresh and freezing products. It can fulfill the distant transferring, temporary storage, distribution, package, sorting, mixing, on-lining weighing and other similar functions.


Stable transferring, especially preferred by fragile products

Hygiene, no product contamination

Continuous running, less maintenance

Easy to change functions and transferring length

Technical Parameters
Speed:              4-12m/min
Transferring Distance:  2-20mm

Motor Effect:          0.55-2.2kW